Training & Workforce

The OhioMeans Jobs Center of Adams County is dedicated to helping businesses recruit, screen, and hire the skilled workforce needed to meet the demands of a global economy. A wide range of value added services that save time and money are made available to businesses. These services provided are free of charge, unless indicated otherwise:

Recruitment Services
  • Acting as initial contact for all applicants
  • Host job fairs and conduct mass recruitment
  • Advertise job openings on and local media outlets
  • Assist with recruiting special populations (veterans, workers with disabilities, etc.)
  • Tracking for applicant diversity and eligibility as required by Federal contractors, certain training subsidies as well as tax credits
  • Prepare job descriptions

Screening Services
  • Screening for minimum education, experience, and other employee-defined qualifications
  • Assessing skill levels using standardized vocational or employee-specific testing
  • Testing aptitude levels using standardized basic skills or employer-specific testing

Training Services
  • Identifying local providers of required employee training
  • Provide on-the-job training reimbursement of 50% of regular time wages
The staff at OhioMeansJobs Adams County looks forward to helping you grow your business by developing a customized package of services that meet your company's specific needs.